Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall festival or the wet autumn's conspiracy of silence

It was above human potency to put the eloquence of autumn colors in plain words. Therefore I put down my pen and the heart blended into the art canvas, gave birth  to the wet autumn's conspiracy of silence.
The picture as inspires, as makes the beholder's blood freeze. It uncovers as the sense of space that overfills the heart and sat me back in awe, as the tears for personal impotency to change though any hear. It's cold and wet, despite I am inside my room and the lamp drops down the yellow light. Is that not the madness? I enjoy the view and desire to exspose the picture and trust in her potency to comfort my destiny brothers - to remind that tick-tack of the clock ends nothing, just tests our faithfulness to God, our comprehension of ourselves.

Autumn revives the remains of generosity, yet it is sorrowful to watch how they vanish from sight in the modern architecture. Just magical transformational art. That's mine Fall Festival on Top Sites Tuesday.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

miracle of breakthrough the artwork to oneself

 The above photos may look downbeat  at first glimpse, yet the flat surface of the pictures will make you  open your eyes with just incredible depth at a moment you recognize the symbolism of these images. The pictures look prosy until we examine them as some handicrafts and label according to the applied technique. Therefore there is no wonder for current world just threatens the observer with the freezing cold. Yet just the miracles happen time from time, when the beholder succeed in breakthrough  the surface of artwork to ONESELF, when he is sat back in awe by the personal reminiscence that fire up everything around, when the awakened dreams color the dust of life by transforming the competition for survival into the gratitude for being alive...

The artworks  knock on the heart and the visual stories work like real magical wands.  The titles try to explain that mystery, and the art critics typically succeed to make everything clear ...So just the diaries of the artists rehabilitate the mystery of the life/ the refreshing beauty of our awe towards the always wondrous light... on the temporally dark my path - read here ... 
Thank you in advance.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

street encounters

It's comfortable to muse about personal destiny. Streets are full with just magical encounters. Just have a look at the picture below:

Dark background fits better to the artworks, so your would have better impression of my creativity here... Just click The dependent on the Viewpoint and read the story of art by Tomas on the Challenge of a Street
It may be you will meet me on a web for some time more, yet  as all you know, beauty of the autumn leaves will leave our streets under a snow soon enough. So browse through my archives and enjoy till that is still possible.
Thank you.
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