Monday, November 23, 2009

my lovely persecutor

Each time I see this stump, lots of emotions fill my heart. Thus I took a shot. This view brought me to introspect,  inspired my recent posts The Sign and My Story. As we identify ourselves with what we see underfoot, even the simple shot comes into bloom, reveals the symbolic message and thus what looked as quite ordinary thing sits us back in awe as we identify ourselves with our environment. Not the quality of  this photo-sketch, but the way we respond is worthy the sharing. Just incredible transformations take part then. I wanted to title the above  photo as my persecutor, yet it became the spring of action to uplift my eyes to heaven.
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Attraction to silence

I noticed that my walk slow down each day. The photo Attraction to silence depicts the cause. Not the flatness of the surface attracts me, but the incredible depth that opens in outwardly hopeless situation sits me back in awe. Just try to connect the leaves into a figures. What do you see now?  Are these my eyes? Our being? The digital truth.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

photo riddle

First snow comes always unexpectedly. Each spot captivates then. The questions rise up just after some time. So what's that? Snow melted already, yet photo riddle remained. Please speak your mind. What's that?
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Monday, November 2, 2009

autumn brushup

I have read a lot  about a need of setting the goals for oneself to move forward and not to stumble on the complaints for sad personal destiny. We all hear the alike musing daily, isn't it? So what was done by me in the concrete? 
I see  the creativity as the footprint of human gratitude. Let me explain that a bit wider. My words didn't create anything new, but reveal  what shine inside of me. That experience gives birth to the desire to follow the Light - to share Her with each on my path and thus the creativity becomes the footprint. My six blogs are my steps on a web. So to speak, my hands are not empty. I thought so till the harvest time arrived to me. I was asked not about what I have but what comments I am receiving.
Thus I looked underfoot and the fallen leaves became the portraits that wanted to talk.

autumn brushup in my art mirror invite you to Child for Life. Have a look and please speak your mind.
Thank you
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