Saturday, February 28, 2009

round trip

More I looked at my shot on the above, more the photo talked to me, the close-up of what was underfoot depicted the whole universe.

The places we never had seen before seduce us into the adventures. So we take long trips and involve in the passionate shooting.
While looking at thus gathered my exotica, I sat back into awe towards the incredible discovery in the prior never seen pictures: the close-up clearly portrait...I recognized myself (!) in the building bricks of the mysterious panorama.
Do you recall a saying, "we are what we look at"?
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cost of the Beauty

While talking about the fine arts, we shift away from the countless sketches to the timeless values. Meanwhile the sketches reveal the cost of these masterpieces... The artists typically silence that. It's easy to explain such behavior. Plus the "humbleness" is the nice feature, yet let me to break this polite rule of the art showrooms now. What you see on above is just a sketch, so to speak, the burgeon that will burst into blossom one day... maybe. At a moment we can just to guess what will be framed and hung on a wall one day, yet the approximate cost is already clear.
See a story below.
We were driving home... so to speak, while my wife was driving, I was taking the photos. So my flash gave her trouble, made the driving hard, yet there was no hint of impatience in her face. While looking at my blurred shot now, I just can't not to think either my arts are worthy wife's patients - our whole life. While examining the sketch, I clearly see how near we were the crash. I recognize a hint to some face that looks at me. Whose is this? What was the message?
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the test of the fabulous stories

Wow, just fabulous stories filled the room... while viewing my album. The memory of the past events proved the reality of the impossibility. The recognized as a disabled for life arranged lots of art shows all over his country and the abroad. Thus the truth became a test to me. I could either boast my colorful biography or recall the people who helped me to stand up and care of me until now

You see my wife Elzbieta on this shot. The photo was taken in exhibition of my works. Yet such truth would be the lie. I just signed the canvases that were planted in my heart by Elzbieta and blossomed out there. Not I but she was the artist worthy of praise. The above statement is not a sound bite, but the truth. Just think. While one bothered his head about the framing of the pictures, the other cared of the flowers in the garden, worried over their comfort under the snow- did everything for the flowers not freeze. Which of them was the artist? What spreads the gratitude and inspires the awe? Is that the paints on a paper, or the living by faith? The reflection or the life?

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Talking walls

I like my town. There are lots of houses that look more attractively than the picture on the above. Therefore this photo may confuse you a bit. You may ask, what for you should look at what's out of shape?

The mix-up over the above will dissipate at the moment the diary will be recognized here. Just think. While the picture of the happy youth pleases the eyes, the diaries of the sick touch the heart. The diaries lead us through the economic downturn to the riches of the inner life. They are the magical bridges from the current mess to the homeland of the dreams.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

snow was white once upon a time

This blog was named Art Mirror, and the pictures depict indeed what I am looking at, yet what did reveal my artworks in the concrete?
Snow was white ... once upon a time. Thus the photo comforts, yet that reminder brings the tears to the eyes, and the last shames me to say it, but I.. I fell into the trap, because I worry just for myself at a moment: while talking about the eternities and the essential human oneness in Spirit, I fear the fees for my Internet. That's ugly. Is it not the selfishness? ... It was no wonder for your silence was the only response to my ask for the support . You were very polite, meanwhile I dared to begg and spotted the whiteness of the snow...

The sinkhole from the photo stares at me. Lots of faces may be discovered in this shot, yet can I identify myself with my artworks?! ... So what? ... The dawn will come, and that's for sure as the needless disabled will leave this earth one day. In the light of the above, the Art Mirror is like the autumn leaves - though they were the colorful, but that beauty not escaped the destiny of the mud underfoot.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Dear Friends.

My heart is overfilled with the gratitude to Mel Avila Alarilla. I just have no words to put my emotions in plain words. So let me talk short. Dear friends, just click ... here and see for yourself. I hope you will have a good time too.

THANK YOU dear Mel Avila Alarilla. I accepted your post as the clear evidence of God's love and care for us. Thank you.
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ongoing miracle of life

While viewing the picture, I was reminded about the ongoing metamorphosis in our life, and it was not some speculation but the truth, because I examined not a shot, but swept my whole life.
Such approach enabled me to experience the real miracle. The unrepresentable view warmed my heart. Wow, this metamorphosis occurred so unexpectedly! While looking underfoot, I recognized the ages that were looking at me. Thus I was humbled and comforted. The picture helped me to turn aside from temporal problems - to exchange my worries for the gratitude for being alive. My eyes blossomed out with the smile. The above was even hard to trust. The disabled didn't mourn for help, but started to dance. The real miracles happen when we look at the life through the eyes of faith. Just think.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

definition of the Earth

While searching for the words to define the picture above, I got an inspirational email. It was started with the quote: "Home is not where you live, but where they understand you" This Christian Morganstern's statement just perfectly described the mood I had while taking a shot. Therefore I'm glad to share the quote with you now. What's interesting here? This shot was taken while visiting my father-in-law, yet I hear the same truth in the eyes of the homeless cats under my window and identify myself with their mew. The last may sound strangely to you, but that vision touched my heart so kindly that the snow in my yard melt immediately for the flowers could raise their heads again. Wow! The picture came out the glorious. I need to define just the words "my yard". That's the definition of the Earth.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

ability to pay versus dreams

We all have heard that looking at smth and seeing though any are two different things. Yet what does the above mean? How does it relate to me in the concrete?
I looked for help at art history. Wow, it was hard even to count all masterpieces in the storehouse of the fine arts! What to talk about the innumerable theories about the creating of the artistic shapes with the help of the light... Thus my spectacles were of little help to me. While the spirit voiced the picture, I needed a physical camera to make a shot. What I saw depended exclusively on my attitude of mind that led me into the spiritual realm, where each spot seated me back into awe. Unfortunately, though my attitude of mind helped me to unlock the secret of the beauty, but it was unfit for making a report. I needed a camera to make a shot. In other words, while what we see depend on our heart, the quality of the pictures we make depends on the tools we have. So I was returned to the earth where all things had their cost that high exceeded my empty purse...

My tears were dried- the onion was used for the evening meal. Just the shelling remains now. Wow, do you see? This picture of the heart wasn't thought in advance. This picture have happened out of itself -it's like my own destiny. Contrary to the onion, I was returned to life after the terrible accident in 1974... I am like these shelling now. Though the long walk on the edge of the death was stopped, but my diagnosis didn't enjoy. The doctors put down clearly "unfit for life"...
It's hard to enjoy the above photo because of its low quality. But is it possible not to recognize the shape of the heart here? Have a look once again. Do you see a face? It's me. The eyes that are looking at you depict my friendship with the forced silence. The disabled sees the light, but have no power to share his insights. I need your support but can I ask you for help?

My correct mailing address is
Tomas Karkalas
Liepu 25-31
Klaipeda 92139

Thank you. I am eagerly looking forward for your reply- for any kind of support you can allow yourself to gift to the needy.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

my landscape

The headache put down my brush, made the artist the viewer... thus I became the listener of my colors : the artwork reminded what was revealed to me. What may look as just a colorful mess, was the overview of my life in essence. So I took my pen to make the report. However, there are no need to wait until I succeed to put everything into the words. Just click on about and you will see what I am to talk about already now.
I hope you will have a good time with my pictures. Plus it should become easier to you to read this musing between my lines then.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

while driving home

while driving it looks that what cross our road is the obstacle ...
It's late indeed now, and I'm going to sleep. Yet does that mean though any?
One is clear for sure- the titles lead astray from the picture. What you see on the above is not the exception. So what's the truth?


Just "what is the truth?" was pronounced, the reply was received. I have read the thoughtful "A must read inspirational story" My colors were put into plain English there. Thank you.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

towards oneself

There were nothing to enjoy at (no luscious things of the modern design), but I was just sat back in awe towards the spectacular view. The picture depicted as the narrow circumstances of the sick in a mental home, as their inborn passion for the beauty. The handmade flower try its best to cover the closed door and thus inspired me with the desire to check out what was hidden there. Thus Modus Vivendi was discovered... Just click on the above and see for yourself. I hope you too will enjoy my discovery.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

heavy traffic

Heavy traffic defined our streets. The artists just need to pick up their palettes from underfoot. All people are seeking for the same- we all need though a sip of fresh air. Thus life urges that we will open the eyes. I took my camera and the knock on the heart was caught in the photo. All the above is the past at a moment already. All that is needed now is to choose what to do further on. I can either to try to respond, or to dive into the needless musing about the mystery of the creativity.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

peace of mind

click on the image to enlarge the picture

The global warming mixed up the typical seasons. The mess covered the Earth, yet nothing can threaten the heart that blossom out with the faith in God's omnipotence and wisdom, His love to the light, which indwells in each of us.

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