Monday, June 28, 2010

Business Packages

Modern Chic Business Blogger package $175
Custom Business Logo Design with full rights
Business Card Design (Digital Image)
Cartel or Etsy Starter Package
Letter Head template & Thank you card
Blogger Blog Design: 
Custom Graphic Designs by Dana Template, with 2-4 columns
Custom Header with designer background
Custom Graphic Image Footer with Links
Custom Graphic Image Menubar
*Custom Post & Sidebar Title Font Installation
or 8 Graphic Sidebar Titles
Custom Image Post Signature & Divider
Sidebar Dividers
Button w/ Text Grab Box
4 Custom Social Icons
No Navigation Bar
**Does not work in Internet Explorer
***istock Graphics and Digital kits are not included in this package.
Modern Business package $125
Custom Business Logo Design with full rights
Business Card Design (Digital Image)
Cartel or Etsy Starter Package
Letter Head template & Thank you card
2 buttons or a Email advertisement
Cartel or Etsy Starter Package $65
Up to three alternate banners (sale, Holidays...)
Up to three Avatars
Thank you Graphic
A la Carte
Custom Business Logo Design with full rights $70
Business Card Design (Digital Image) $25
Cartel or Etsy Banner $25
Cartel or Etsy Avatars $7 per
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Coming soon!
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Coming Soon
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Dana's Hand Drawn Graphics are coming soon!
Dana's GraphicsistockPhotoScrapbook Kits
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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Designs by Dana is currently offering advertising for $5 per month.
Since I opened this Blog Design business just six months ago I am averaging just over 5050 views per month. I am anticipating as my business gets bigger so will my views! 
Would you like to swap Advertising? 
Please contact me for any further inquiries or sign up now!

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WordPress Packages

I am very excited to be announcing that I am now designing for WordPress! I am offering WordPress Designs in conjunction with Twenty 70 HostingWhen working with Twenty 70 Hosting and Designs by Dana you will receive %25 off your hosting costs for the life of your hosting with Twenty 70 Hosting! How can you go wrong? Go Check them out today!

Please feel free to choose any other host you would like, but definitely chat with me first. I can give an idea of what each company will offer when hosting. Hint go with the little guys if you want great customer service.
I will be offering two main Wordpress Packages:

The Simple Wordpress Style $100
Blog Button with Text box

The Modern Chic Wordpress Style $200+
Possible Package items:
StudioPress Genesis Theme
Drop down Navigation Menubar
Blog Button with Text box
Social Icons
Two plugin installations
Theme & Design Installation

All Modern Chic Wordpress designs will be installed with a StudioPress Genesis Theme, which have an approximate  $79.99 value, at no charge.

Wordpress Design Terms:
1. The design concept will be decided on before the design process takes place.
2. The design includes one concept, with up to three revisions.
3. Any additional major revisions will be billed at an hourly rate.
4. You must be a Self Hosted Wordpress site.

Do you have any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me.
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    • My Design Queue does not contain dates. I work as fast as I can to get projects completed, I feel that every client should have the time they need to make sure they are happy. You will be contacted when I feel that I can give you the service you deserve. Thank you for your understanding!

      Design Queue:

      RedHead- Blogger Design ~Designing
      Sylvia- Wordpress Design ~Waiting on client to respond

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    Hours of Design

    Designs and installations are always done within these business hours. However, I do try my best to answer emails all day as I can!
    Sunday 7pm - 12am
    Monday 7pm - 12am
    Tuesday 7pm - 12am
    Wednesday 7pm - 12am
    Thursday 12pm - 12am
    *I do design on some friday and saturday nights
    **My time zone is Pacific Standard Time.

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    Welcome to my free blogger backgrounds! 
    These backgrounds have extra wide post areas, allowing you to have a 2-3 column template with larger post areas!
    Have fun with your Layouts!
    These backgrounds work best with Minima Template or Blogger's Window Template.
    *The post area is 1000px wide.
    Step 1: Go to your Blogger blog and click "Page Elements." 
    Step 2: Click "Add a Gadget" then "HTML/Javascript." 
    Step 3: Copy the code from below the background you want, (CTRL A, CTRL C) and PASTE it into your widget. (CTRL V) Congrats on your new look! 

    Please remember Designs by Dana when you are ready for a Custom Design! 
















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    Need Help?

    When I first started Blogging and looking for a Designer I was clueless! I had no idea how the process would work, I had no idea of definitions of "blogging" and I found myself very lost in the process.
    My goal in my Blog Design Business is to make the process easy, seamless and fun. I really would like you to be able to walk away with a beautiful blog and the knowledge to use it!
    No question is too stupid, feel free to email me with any questions you have and I will do my very best to answer them!
    Make sure to check out all the pages under the Resource section in the above drop down menu, you will be glad you did!

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    Dana's Templates

    Choose your Fonts

    Sugar Frog Fonts

    I get the cutest scrapbooking fonts at Free Scrapbook Fonts! I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!

    Choose your Template!

    1. Left Sidebar two Column

    2. Right Sidebar two Column

    3. Three Column Left & Right

    4. Three Column Left

    5. Three Column Right

    6. Designs by Dana Premium Template

    7. Designs by Dana Blogger "Thesis"

    *Add $20 to your package for the "Thesis Template"

    *If there is a template you don't see but would like please contact Dana.
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