Sunday, January 30, 2011

art & morality

art & morality 2010 by Tomas Karkalas
The trivial round vanish into thin air as I take my paintbrush at once. Art is a living miracle -painting (creative work) transfers the ordinary things into an awe : what looked like the abstract scribble becomes the fairy mirror that enables its viewers to discover themselves in what they are looking at.
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tomas Karkalas -- digital painting  SIMPLE HEARTED

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Sunday, January 9, 2011


digital painting Optimist

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Reflection.

At the beginning of most News Years I make resolutions, as do most of you. 
My resolutions seem to never really be fulfilled in the way I first "dreamed" them.
So this year I am taking on a new look at life.
In the past year I have really learned that our Family needs to take life day by day.
The future is always so unknown.
I have learned and grown as a Woman, Mother, and Wife in the past year more than I could have expected.
My whole being has been put to the test several times in the past several years.
I found that by the end of many years I have been disappointed with what I have been not been able to accomplish.
My goals were not all met. 
As I sit here reflecting on the past year of my life I see that I did accomplish many things.
I did things I never even had in my sights.
This Design blog was one of them.
Last year at this time I had just started a Blog.
It is my journal, my Family story and my emotions poured out all over the screen.
Blogging has changed my life.
I never really knew just how much it would change my life or my perspective of the people in this world.
There are so many good people, the support that I as a Woman, a Mother and a Wife have received is breathtaking.

I have found myself changing constantly this past year and I know that many more changes are to come.
I am ready for a new Season.

I want to thank those special people who started out clients and became life long friends.
I would also like to thank those that have been spreading my business around.
The outpouring of love from you all makes this so much more than a small business.
It makes us a community.

So my goals this year? 
I have none.
I plan to live day by day, hour by hour.
We'll just have to see where this years takes us, join me won't you?

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Snow eyes

photo story Snow eyes
The mix of sparkling stone and transparency of the rain bubbles makes photo puzzle - creates not dazzling light but the muddy panorama. Snow Eyes question why did it happen? While rejoicing over the photo story, I am rethinking about our ability to change anything here.
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

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