Tuesday, January 20, 2009

wings of the gratitude

I stopped and my eyes were dropped on a sidewalk (please click on the above image for the full size). That happened unexpectedly (unconsciously) but it was worthy indeed the deeper examination. The picture looked like a dirty puddle, but it was so just at a first glimpse. Though it would be easy to recognize my helplessness in the disabler's gazing underfoot, yet the nose of the dependent on the family was
suddenly raised up. A smile inhabited my eyes anew. I wasn't left alone and my low shoes were not wet, but otherwise - hundreds of faces were joyfully looking at me from the picture - the recognition of myself in others as comforted as supported me. The listening to the inside whispers opened my eyes, made me well motivated to share the discovered good news with all on my road. Thus I blossomed out with the hearty thank you, dear God, for the awakening.

Thank you, my dear Top Etrecard droppers, thank you dear fellows from all blogging platforms. Your presence heals me from all my fears and puts on the wings of the gratitude - just miraculously changes the reality I am to face.

Top droppers on Entrecard:
My feed showed just five address, yet this list should go endlessly. I would like to thank
Alexander M Zoltai , Amritbir Kaur , kml , The Photographic Aspect ... and many-many others too.
to all of you.

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