Friday, March 6, 2009

magical transformations

As I saw this, the shot was taken and I entitled it Feelings versus View. The picture recalled my youth: the emotions that were burning inside and the reality of life greatly differed between then....
The unlovely pictures vanished from site immediately as I learned that what irritated me was just my own weakness to see beyond the physical shapes of things I touch. Therefore I try not to complain for the empty ground underfoot, but enjoy the gardening now. So the flowers blossomed out inside of me, and my headaches put me on the wings of the gratitude for remaining alive till now.

What you see below is what was found by me on a windowsill of art therapy class. These lovely creations were made by the patients from the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. It's hard to trust, yet that is Modus Vivendi indeed. I blossom out myself as I talk about this wonderful club. One of my blogs was dedicated to them. So you are welcomed to Modus Vivendi. Just click on a link above and see for yourself.

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