Thursday, March 12, 2009

Power of the Silence

While painting the wonderful transformations happen on the canvas. The portrait of the artist's heart replaces the original drawing. So the painter becomes the spectator of his own work and the silence burst with the incredible stories. There is no such thing as unattractive subject of viewing. We encounter the dull surrounding just at a moment we stop our ears, when we allow our lips to mourn - to replace the listening to the nature with the sharing the personal prejudices.
Therefore the saying appeared: :The picture is worthy hundreds of words".

The physical shape of things impacts a little what we see, because we enjoy not the bricks of some building, for example, but identify ourselves with the people who inhabit there - we see not them, but ourselves in them and look at the world through the eyes of the heart. Thus one and the same object may look the totally different. Just click on the links below and compare the Power of the Silence with the Summer Tale. The Home Sickness gives one more impression, yet all these pictures were drawn from one and the same object. As we talk about the humanity, about our spirituality or dream about the Peace, everything looks so nicely, yet our day to day life reveals lots of things that should be yet improved. In other words, all artworks are the mirrors and not all pictures that attract our eyes warm the hearts.

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