Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dalmatinska klapa / Dalmatian "klapa"

I would like to introduce to you dalmatian music. In hot, summer, dalmatian nights, group of mens gather on the street and start to sing. Originaly, it is a cappella. But, recently, it became so popular so there are many inovations like instruments, women's voices, foreign language in words of songs... 

Just relaxe and enjoy...

Vilo moja / My fairy

Posljednja i prva ljubavi / My last and first love

Moja najdraža klapska pjesma. Jednostavno, kraj ovoga se šuti.

This is very significant song to me. I shiver when I listen to it.
Refrain says:
"My treasure, my sunshine
my soul, my life, love.
My happiness, my sadness
My last and first love."

A kako bi klapa zvučala da je nastala negdje daleko, daleko...

And how would "klapa" sound that it was born somewhere far away?

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